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• High contrast display. very large numbers, position for an easy reading.

• Intuitive, easy access menu

• 12/24 time and calendar

• Back lighted display

• Surface time, desaturation time, no fly time

• Low battery warning

• Metric or imperial measures

• Long lasting battery

• User replaceable battery

• Dive (air/nitrox) program

• Cressi rgbm algorithm

• Complete dive data elaborator

• Ppo2 1,2-1,6 setting

• Different air mixes manageable during the dive: gas 1 21-50% gas 2 21-99% gas3 21-99%

• Graphis indicator of oxygen toxicity levels at cns

• Safety stop indicator

• Safety factor can be set at different levels

• Altitude setting

• Uncontrolled emersion algorithm

• Possibility to alternate nitrox and air dives during desaturation

• Time visible during the dive

• Possibility to insert/cancel a deep stop

• Loud alarms in case of violation of ascent speed, decompression stop or ppo2

• Ascent alarms can be disabled

• Total reset possible. useful for rentals.

• Possibility to plan dives without decompression

• Free (apnea) program

• Visualization of all diving data

• Depth

• Water temperature

• Dive counter

• Maximum depth of the dive

• Dive time

• Surface interval between dives

• Duration of the diving session

• Surface interval

• Recovery time alarm

• Gage program (without decompression calculator)

• Depth/temperature indicator

• Average depth

• Dive time in minutes/seconds

• Depth chronometer can be reset

• Daytime visible during dive

• Offmode

• Sensors are disabled to allow snorkeling and swimming

• Logbook to 50 dives per program type

EKS 880052
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